Aesthetics sometimes transcend the boundaries of art, beauty or design and become a way of life. They tell us how things have meaning or value for us.

In the next weeks Hercules Universal will present you with four Nordic men who each have a strong relationship with aesthetics. They perceive it, cultivate it and live it in different ways.
They will give us a unique insight into what Scandinavian aesthetics are all about.

We will show you these men in the intimacy of their working environment, allowing us to be like a little fly on the wall in their everyday day lives.

So let’s get ourselves into the Nordic wave.



But let’s start again: What is beauty? The abstractness of the mere concept is difficult to encompass, tricky to describe and sometimes impossible to pin down. Traditional philosophy says that beauty is not just a human feeling. Feeling is simply a reaction to beauty, and beauty exists independently whether we feel it or not. But to spot that beauty is a talent that not everyone has. We introduce you this week to Sune Palner, who is one of those that can spot it in a fraction of a second. He is senior men’s booker at Scoop Models, one of the most relevant Scandinavian agencies, founded by Bente Lundquist, a former top model and a Helmut Newton muse.

We all know that Nordic beauty is ever present in the world of fashion: the impact of Mathias Lauridsen with his trademark cheek scar and alluring presence or the icy cool uniqueness of Victor Nylander, both having Scoop as their mother agency. There must be something in the sweeping Baltic wind that works its magic on men in Northern Europe. We visited Sune at the agency and talked about these matters while taking his portrait… but let’s hear what Sune has to say!

What is your morning routine? Fast out of bed and off to the gym or a good run. What is your favourite place? I love my flat. It’s cosy and peaceful. Can beauty be overwhelming? For sure! Sometimes I look at some of our models and they can nearly be unhuman in a breathtaking way. What would your ideal day be like? A whole day with my closest friends just laughing and eating good food somewhere warm and exotic. And then dance bare footed all night long. What do you consider is your greatest achievement to date? Being loyal and honest to everybody I meet. What can’t you live without? Dairy products!!! What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Nordic aesthetics’? Good long lasting taste! What is your best childhood memory? I grew up by the water. I always loved to swim and still do. So growing up by the sea was really important to me. It kept me calm. Today I can also see water from my apartment… still keeps me calm. How do you relax? Running while listening to classic music on my headphones. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Everything Damien Hirst, especially the Formaldehyde Collection. Define modernity in three words. Invention, creativity, history. What is the greatest thing you have learned? To believe in myself and other people. What is your greatest obsession? Aesthetics. What do you do to make this planet a better place? I’m kind. Utopia or reality? Sometimes I behave like I am in Utopia… and suddenly I hit the wall of reality. Not always a nice feeling. Simplicity or complexity? Complexity – otherwise I get bored! Present or future? Try to be in the present. But a lot of the time my mind is having a blast in the future. Travel or home? Both are super important for me! What makes you feel alive? Running, laughing, dancing, swimming. What’s next for you? The gym, my notebook, the office.

Photos & text by Sol Marinozzi.